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Who Can Be Held Liable if an Accident Happens Due to Black Ice?

During the coldest months of the year, New Jersey may experience some below-freezing temperatures that bring snow and ice to the roadways. Nearly 2,000 people die every year because of accidents on icy or snowy roads and more than 135,000 are injured.… Read More

Could Data from a Car Insurance Company Tracking Device be Used to Evaluate Your Claim?

Many insurance companies offer customers discounted rates in exchange for installing tracking devices in their cars to monitor driving habits. Often, drivers must meet certain criteria to secure discounts, such as limiting driving to a certain number… Read More

What Legal Options Do I Have if I Hit an Animal with my Car?

No one ever wants to hit an animal with their car. Unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable, especially at night or when deer or other animals run out in front of your car with little warning. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there… Read More

Can I Seek Compensation for Injuries My Pet Suffered in a Car Accident?

Americans love their pets. According to a recent survey taken by the American Pet Products Association, 67 percent of U.S. households own at least one pet. That number is up 58 percent since Americans were first asked about their household pets in 1988. We… Read More

If My Car Was Hit by a Police Car During a Criminal Pursuit, Can I File an Injury Claim?

U.S. law enforcement agencies engage in tens of thousands of vehicle pursuits each year – a Department of Justice study found state and local law enforcement did 68,000 pursuits in 2012 alone. These are incredibly dangerous - between 1996 and 2015, an… Read More

What Happens at a Deposition for a Car Crash Case?

When you file a claim against another driver for damages that resulted from a car accident, you may need to appear at three important proceedings. One may be a deposition, another would be mediation, and if the mediation fails to settle the case, you… Read More

Can a Car Crash Lawyer Provide a Free Estimate for My Claim?

Car crash victims may be wary of hiring legal representation without knowing how much compensation they may be eligible for. That is why speaking to a licensed lawyer in a free consultation can be an important step as they consider their legal options. When… Read More

Determining Fault for a Right-Turn Auto Accident in New Jersey

Right turns are not as dangerous as left turns because you are not cutting across oncoming traffic. However, any turn can be dangerous, particularly if you are not careful. Unfortunately, even if you are careful, you could get hit by oncoming traffic. It… Read More

The Importance of Preserving Evidence After a Car Crash

Although many accident victims are injured and disoriented after a car crash, it is important to try and preserve as much evidence as possible. If victims are able and they will not be putting themselves in harm’s way, there are steps they can take. The… Read More

Can My Lawyer Recover Video Footage of the Car Crash?

Nowadays cameras can be found almost everywhere in public and private places. Whether it is a red-light camera, police car dash cam, local traffic camera or nearby security camera, there could be a good chance your car crash was captured on video as it… Read More

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