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Can I Recover Compensation for a Low-Impact Vehicle Collision?

There is a common misunderstanding that a low-impact collision is a minor accident that does not result in major injuries. Unfortunately, these types of crashes can result in serious or long-lasting ailments. Assuming these accidents are minor is often… Read More

What Are My Options if There is an Error on a Car Accident Police Report?

Car crash scenes are often chaotic, and a responding police officer may overlook some important details when writing up the report. If you obtain a copy of the police report and find it contains a mistake, you have several options available to help you… Read More

Whose Insurance Pays if I am Injured While in a Borrowed Car?

When you borrow a vehicle from a friend or family member the last thing you are thinking about is getting into an accident, but what happens if you do? Whose insurance is liable for your damages? At Lynch Law Firm, our New Jersey car crash lawyers discuss… Read More

Filing a Claim for a Back Injury After a Car Accident

Back injuries are the most common types of injuries associated with car accidents. Even a low-impact crash could result in a number of back injuries due to the complex anatomy of the spine and the muscles and nerves surrounding it. Accident victims who… Read More

What to Know About Filing an Injury Claim While Pregnant

If a pregnant woman is involved in a car crash, she is at a greater risk of suffering a severe injury. Even minor car accidents that would generally cause only minor injuries could cause a pregnant woman serious harm. Due to the severity of the injuries… Read More

Who May Be at Fault for a Rain-Related Crash?

Driving in the rain can be dangerous, especially when other drivers are not taking proper precautions to avoid an accident. When a crash occurs because of another driver’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim for compensation for your injuries. Below,… Read More

Filing a Claim for an Accident Caused by High or Low Tire Pressure

Under or over inflated tires can be hazardous for many reasons, including making steering and stopping more difficult or increasing the risk of a tire blowout. If a driver loses control of his or her vehicle due to negligent tire pressure and crashes… Read More

What Are My Options if the At-Fault Driver is Lying About What Happened?

When an accident occurs, the driver who caused the crash is likely going to try and deny fault or pin the blame on you to try and avoid liability for the crash. The driver may even lie about what he or she did or other aspects of the crash. At-fault… Read More

Determining Liability for a Sideswipe Auto Accident

Sideswipe accidents may result in minimal damage to a vehicle, but these collisions could lead to serious injuries that may not be immediately obvious after the crash. Pursuing compensation for these injuries may be more complex because determining liability… Read More

Can New Jersey Drivers Sue Their Own Insurance Companies for Bad Faith Practices?

In January 2022, New Jersey’s governor signed a bill into law that would create a private cause of action for drivers whose Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage claims were denied or delayed without good reason. These drivers could sue their… Read More

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