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Proving You Suffered a Permanent Injury After an Accident

In some accident cases in New Jersey, an injury victim may be required to prove he or she suffered a permanent injury to recover non-economic compensation. If you need help gathering the necessary evidence to prove your injuries are permanent, our auto… Read More

Reasons Why Insurance Companies May Refuse to Settle a Claim

Most injury claims are resolved when the disputing parties can come to a mutual agreement to settle the case without the need for a jury trial. However, for this to occur, both parties may need to compromise, at least a little. Unfortunately, insurers… Read More

Can Other Accidents on Your Driving Record Affect an Injury Claim?

Even if you have strong evidence another driver caused an accident that resulted in your injuries, the insurance company is likely to go out of its way to try to prove your claim is not worth what you say it is. One of their strategies may be to try and… Read More

How Can a Personal Injury Claim Be Resolved Through Arbitration?

Arbitration is a legal process that is often used to resolve a dispute between two parties, such as a personal injury case. Since there is generally no need for a court filing, this process is becoming more popular for people and companies who wish to… Read More

Using a Vehicle’s Black Box to Help Prove Liability for a Crash

Just like airplanes and ships, most vehicles manufactured today have a black box that stores important data that may be used to help determine the cause of a crash. In some accident cases where fault is disputed, data from the black box may help determine… Read More

What Evidence May Help Prove Lost Income in an Injury Case?

If you were injured in an accident and you are unable to work, you may be able to recover compensation for your lost wages. If your injuries were severe enough to leave you permanently unable to work at all, you may also be able to pursue compensation… Read More

What Are my Options if the Insurance Fails to Investigate my Claim?

After an accident in New Jersey, injury victims typically file a claim through their own insurance to obtain compensation for their medical bills and other damages. Before paying out a claim, however, the insurance companies generally investigate the… Read More

Can I Still File a Car Accident Claim if the Airbags Never Deployed?

If you were involved in an accident in which the airbags did not deploy, the insurance company may lead you to believe you did not suffer any serious injuries and your claim is not worth very much. However, there are several reasons why the airbags in… Read More

Who May Be Liable for a Stolen Vehicle Accident in New Jersey?

If you were injured in an accident caused by the driver of a stolen vehicle, you may be able to hold the owner liable along with filing a claim against the no-fault coverage in your own insurance. New Jersey state law specifies when a vehicle owner may… Read More

What are My Rights as a Car Insurance Policyholder in New Jersey?

The rights of car insurance policyholders in states like New Jersey are especially important due to the state’s no-fault laws. This is because crash victims must first file their injury claims with their own insurance companies instead of through an at-fault… Read More

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