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Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Personal Injury Cases

Unfortunately, injury victims often dismiss the idea of pursuing compensation for their damages because they think they will need to go to court and testify before a jury. While there are personal injury cases that end up going to trial, most do not.… Read More

How Does Attorney-Client Privilege Work in a Personal Injury Case?

Hiring an attorney to represent you during an injury claim has many benefits. Research has shown hiring an attorney may improve your chances of recovering maximum compensation for your damages. Another benefit is attorney-client privilege. Most communication… Read More

What is a Letter of Protection in a Personal Injury Claim?

A Letter of Protection (LOP) is a promise from you and your attorney to a medical professional providing care that you will pay for all services rendered during your injury claim after it has been resolved. Doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities… Read More

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Demand Letters

The demand letter notifies the at-fault party’s insurance company of your demands for compensation for your injuries. The letter explains why you are seeking compensation, provides evidence to back up your assertions about the other party’s liability… Read More

How Does Switching Lawyers Affect an Injury Claim?

If you are thinking about switching to a new attorney to represent you during an injury claim, there are several factors to consider before making the switch, including who you would hire to take over your case. Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers… Read More

Understanding the Differences Between a Verdict and a Settlement

There are two main ways to pursue compensation for an injury that was caused by someone else: negotiate a settlement, often with an insurance company, or file a lawsuit so a jury can determine how to resolve the situation. While both verdicts and settlements… Read More

Can I Dispute a Denied Car Crash Insurance Claim in New Jersey?

Were you involved in a car accident in New Jersey and had your claim denied by the insurance company? Unfortunately, this is a far too common occurrence in the Garden State and throughout the country. The good news is you may still be able to pursue… Read More

What Questions Can I Ask During a Free Consultation?

Meeting with a lawyer for a free consultation after a serious car accident can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time meeting with a legal professional. You may be unsure of what questions you should ask and what questions can be answered. At… Read More

Can a Personal Injury Lawsuit Be Settled During Mediation?

The purpose of mediation is to try and resolve a dispute before going to trial. Sometimes mediation is voluntary, however, it is usually required before a judge will allow your case to go to trial. This is generally the last chance to avoid a trial, which… Read More

What Are my Options if I Disagree with a Personal Injury Settlement Offer?

Insurance companies are known for trying to save money by offering personal injury victims much less compensation than their claims may be worth. However, you do not have to accept the first settlement offer if you disagree with it. In fact, for an attorney,… Read More

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