Why You Should Keep Up With Medical Treatment After a Crash

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on December 29, 2022  in Car Accident News. Updated on May 25, 2023

man in medical rehabilitationAfter an accident, it is imperative to get the proper medical attention you need to stabilize your injuries. It is equally as important to continue the treatment your doctor recommends afterward.

Not only can this benefit your overall health, but it may also strengthen your claim for compensation. Failing to keep up with the recommended treatment plan may end up hurting your credibility, and therefore your claim.

Below, we discuss the importance of keeping up with medical care after an accident. If you have any questions about your rights, give us a call today. Our New Jersey auto accident attorneys are prepared to review the facts of your claim during a free consultation.

It May Benefit Your Overall Health and Wellbeing

Some accident injuries do not manifest right away, so you may not experience symptoms immediately after the crash. Getting to a doctor as soon as possible after the accident could help you get a diagnosis of the injuries you suffered more quickly.

After the initial treatment to stabilize your injuries, your doctor is most likely to recommend a treatment plan. Keeping up with the recommended treatment could be good for your overall health, as it may help you recover more quickly. Even if your recovery is slow, it could still be better than not getting any additional treatment.

Follow-up appointments with your doctor can help determine how much additional care you need as you progress on the road to recovery. Without continuing care, it could be difficult to assess the effectiveness of recommended treatments.

Listening to any limitations your doctor sets on you is also important. For example, if he or she tells you to lighten your workouts at the gym. Failing to do so could lead to the worsening of your injuries and hurt your claim.

Following Medical Treatment Protects the Value of Your Claim

It is important to focus on your health after an accident, rather than contemplating how your actions may increase the value of your claim. However, protecting the value of a valid claim is vital if you wish to recover the compensation you need. Remember that the insurance company is looking for any excuse to deny coverage.

Strengthening Your Claim With Medical Evidence

A record of all of your medical appointments, along with your doctor’s notes, may serve as strong evidence in your case. This type of evidence can help prove the type of injuries you suffered and how much it cost to recover from them.

Missing Appointments Can Hurt Your Credibility

If you miss too many doctor’s appointments without a valid excuse, this could hurt your credibility. The insurance company is sure to use those missed appointments to cast doubt on your statements. They may argue you are not injured, or that you are not as injured as you claim to be.

A blow to your credibility could ultimately end up hurting your chances of recovering the compensation you need to pay for medical bills and lost wages.

How Can I Protect the Value of My Claim if I Do Miss Some Appointments?

There are times when you may have to miss a doctor’s appointment or two. If it is because you are ill or you were unable to get transportation, these are valid excuses for not making it to a doctor’s appointment. However, the insurance company may still try to use even valid missed appointments against you.

It is vital that you protect the value of your claim as best you can, even when it becomes difficult to keep up with treatment. You can do this by rescheduling the appointment and then making a sincere effort to see your doctor as recommended.

What if the Treatment Plan Takes Too Long?

Attorneys do not usually begin negotiations with the insurance company until he or she has a better picture of what your damages may be. This means your attorney may wait until you reach maximum medical improvement. For some accident victims, this means a full recovery from the injuries suffered. For others, that point may be when injuries are stabilized and doctors determine there is little chance of further improvement.

While it may be frustrating to go through weeks or months of treatment, it is still important to stick to the recommendations your doctor makes. The costs of treatment during that time should be included in your settlement. Rushing to get a faster offer may end up costing you financially.

Not every case is the same, so you should speak to an attorney to get a better idea of when to begin negotiating with the insurance company.

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