Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations of 2016

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on October 20, 2016  in Workers' Compensation News. Updated on March 2, 2022

worksiteEach October, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases a preliminary list of the 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations for the current year.

Over the years, the list has changed very little. OSHA notes that nearly every year, the same violations are cited over and over, continually putting the lives of workers at risk.

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If all employers focused on reducing these 10 most frequently cited hazards, OSHA is confident that the number of workers who are injured and killed on the job would significantly decrease. Each year, more than 4,500 workers are killed and nearly three million are injured while working.

For 2016, the top 10 safety violations include:

  • Communication about hazards
  • Electrical wiring
  • Fall protection
  • General electrical requirements
  • Ladders
  • Lockout/tagout for machinery and moving parts
  • Machine guarding
  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Respiratory protection
  • Scaffolding

Falls remain one of the leading causes of death for workers, especially in the construction industry. Fall risks were highlighted three times in this short list: fall protection and ladder and scaffolding issues.

OSHA recommends using this list as a starting point for bringing safety back to job sites. Employers are urged to go beyond the minimum requirements for creating a safe work environment by taking proactive steps to create a culture of safety.

Under New Jersey and federal law, employers are legally obligated to provide workers with a safe environment. Workers who are injured on the job are also entitled to workers’ compensation to help cover the costs associated with a work injury and missed days at work.

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