Medical Malpractice During Pregnancy: How and Why it Occurs

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on June 26, 2019  in Medical Malpractice News. Updated on November 15, 2023

medical malpractice during pregnancyAbout 700 women die every year from pregnancy complications. The sad reality is that 60 percent of these deaths can be avoided with proper medical care. It is important to learn how to prevent these complications if possible and educate expecting mothers of the dangers.

If you were harmed during pregnancy because of a doctor’s negligence, it is crucial to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer for assistance with your claim. We can determine whether you have a valid claim to seek compensation for your injury and other losses you have endured.

Statistics Regarding Medical Malpractice During Pregnancy

According to the latest statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) related to medical malpractice during pregnancy:

  • About 31 percent of medical deaths happen with the patient during pregnancy
  • Over 35 percent of these deaths occur either during delivery or within one week of it
  • Roughly 33 percent of these deaths arise within one week to one year of the birth
  • Heart disease and stroke account for 34 percent of these deaths
  • Infections and extensive bleeding are other leading causes of pregnancy-related deaths

Common Causes of Pregnancy Deaths

There are several ways pregnancy-related deaths can be attributed to medical malpractice. Some of the most common causes of these tragic fatalities include the following:

  • Bleeding to include hemorrhages, abruptions in the placenta and even lacerations
  • Heart conditions such as heart attacks or undiagnosed medical conditions
  • Infections near the birthing area, through complications in the body or when getting a C-section
  • Heart failure through enlarged heart muscles during the pregnancy or a loss of blood pressure
  • Blood clots such as embolisms in the lungs, brain or other areas
  • Preeclampsia or eclampsia, which may result from high blood pressure or damage to various organs
  • Mental health conditions that can affect the body in a myriad of ways

These are just a few of the causes of pregnancy deaths. It is the duty of health care professionals to be closely monitoring women during and after pregnancy in order to identify any dangerous medical conditions and promptly treat them. When doctors and other medical professionals fail to meet the recognized medical standard of care and a serious injury or death results, the provider should be held accountable for his or her actions.

How Health Care Providers Can Prevent Pregnancy Deaths

There are ways that health care providers can support and educate pregnant woman. The hospital can also take certain steps to ensure a higher chance of success in preventing pregnancy-related deaths.

These include the following:

  • Helping the pregnant woman with chronic and continual medical issues during and even after the pregnancy
  • Educating the patient about possible dangerous conditions, what signs to look for and how to recognize them before, during and after pregnancy
  • Implementing methods for the medical facility to identify signs and symptoms early on, so that the expecting mother can receive treatment in time to survive life-threatening situations
  • Improving prenatal and postpartum care with quality medical procedures
  • Standardizing care for pregnant women and ensuring this occurs after the birth
  • Standardizing responses when emergencies arise with the pregnancy and during postpartum complications
  • Training, educating and providing detailed instructions for health care providers to ensure understanding about a patient’s recent pregnancies and what could occur later

The pregnant woman and even family members should also not hesitate to explain problems that arise, raise concerns about issues, or seek a second medical opinion with pregnancy-related health complications.

Contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer for Help with Your Claim

If you suffered an injury during your pregnancy, our New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers at Lynch Law Firm, PC can explain if your case meets the criteria to pursue a claim. Based on the errors made during your treatment, the tools used and the behavior and actions of the medical staff members, our firm can determine the strength of your claim and what else is necessary to pursue the case.

Through an investigation, we can collect the evidence necessary to hold the liable party responsible for damages. We only collect attorney fees if your case is successful.

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