What if I Have Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident?

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on January 24, 2020  in Car Accident News. Updated on February 24, 2022

woman-blue-yellow-neckbrace-holding-paperAfter a car accident, it is common for accident victims to suffer minor aches and pains. However, in some situations this pain may be a symptom of a bigger problem or your injuries may be delayed. It is important to seek medical attention after a car accident to have all your injuries identified and to have them treated.

A car accident lawyer at the Lynch Law Firm, PC can give you tips on how to secure the compensation you may deserve if you have delayed pain or other symptoms days or weeks after the accident.

Minor Injuries that Could Signal Big Problems

Sometimes what seems to be a minor injury is actually a sign of a serious medical issue. If you were recently in a car accident, some signs of bigger problems may include:

  • Headaches – A headache may signal a serious injury such as a brain injury, concussion, neck injury, whiplash or blood clot.
  • Pain – Pay attention to the location of your pain, which can signal many different medical conditions. Pain in the neck, shoulders or back may signal whiplash, a soft tissue injury  or a herniated disc. The pain may not arise until several days after the accident. Pain in the abdomen may indicate internal injuries or soft tissue injuries. Some of these injuries can be fatal if left untreated.
  • Numbness or tingling – A sensation of numbness or tingling may indicate pinched nerves, a herniated disc or other serious medical issue.
  • Emotional suffering – If you experience feelings of depression or anxiety after a car accident, these feelings may be linked to your car accident. They can also be a symptom of a brain injury.

Major Injuries that May Develop

If you have been hurt in a car wreck, you may need to seek continued medical treatment for major injuries that may develop. Some common injuries that may arise after a car accident include:

Herniated Discs

What may initially appear like a neck or back strain could be a serious condition called a herniated disc. This condition arises when the force of a collision ruptures the tissue between the vertebrae of the spine. A herniated disc can impose pressure on the nerves of the spine, which may result in severe pain, loss of sensation and loss of control of limbs. These symptoms may arise immediately after a collision or may not arise until weeks or even months after the accident.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries may occur during a car accident when the head jolts back and forth because of the force of the collision, hits a hard surface or is penetrated by an object. A traumatic brain injury can cause a loss of brain function, memory loss, personality changes or sensitivity to the senses. These types of injuries sometimes go unnoticed until months after the collision.

Shoulder Injuries

When you are jolted forward during a collision, the seat belt may apply force to the one shoulder that it is over. This may result in a variety of shoulder injuries, such as strains, ligament tears or burns. These injuries are not always evident at the time of the accident due to the adrenaline surge that many victims experience that may mask the symptoms. These injuries often become worse over time and should be checked by a medical professional.

Knee Injuries

When an occupant in a motor vehicle collision is thrown forward, he or she may strike their knee into the dashboard or another hard surface. This can create trauma to the knee and result in serious knee injuries, such as a shattered knee cap or cartilage damage. Many of these conditions may require surgery for treatment. The severity of the injury may not be immediately noticeable and the related pain may not occur until several weeks later.

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