Lynch Law Firm Obtains One of Largest Settlements in New Jersey in 2021

Posted on behalf of Lynch Law Firm on June 24, 2022  in Firm News

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We are pleased to announce that Neil Weiner, a partner, secured one of the largest personal injury settlements in New Jersey in 2021. After protracted litigation, Neil obtained a $7,500,000 settlement for his client.

In February 2020, Neil’s client was struck by a fire engine while crossing a road. Tragically, his client’s right leg was so severely damaged that it was amputated.  His client’s left leg was severely fractured as well. He sued the borough and the local fire department. Once a lawsuit was filed, Neil hired expert witnesses in pedestrian safety, life care planning, economics, trauma surgery and prosthetics. After the completion of all discovery, the parties agreed to enter into mediation. The case was settled at mediation with the valuable assistance of Robert L. Polifroni, PJ Cv. (Ret.).

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