Why Accident Victims Should Not Trust Insurance Companies

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on May 19, 2020  in Personal Injury News. Updated on July 13, 2023

man-writing-desk-crutchesWhen someone gets injured because of another’s negligence, there may be grounds for a personal injury claim. These claims are often resolved through insurance claims. However, accident victims should be very cautious when dealing with insurance companies.

Over the years, insurance companies have become much more creative in their advertising, but they are still focused on their bottom lines. Accident victims should not trust insurance companies to look out for their best interests.

On the other hand, the experienced attorneys at Lynch Law Firm, PC are focused on recovering maximum compensation on your behalf. We know how devastating a personal injury can be to your health and financial future.

Below, review some of the reasons why you should not trust insurance companies after being injured in an accident. It is easy for insurance companies to mislead accident victims.

The First Offer is Often Very Low

Suffering an injury in an accident can cause many people to end up in a financial crisis. Medical treatment is not cheap, and you may be unable to work because your injuries cause physical limitations. That can leave many people feeling desperate for compensation.

Insurance companies handle claims all the time, so they know how accident victims may be feeling. They also want to avoid paying out a penny more in compensation than they need to. That is why they like to make settlement offers quickly, and these offers are often for very small amounts of money that do not come close to covering the cost of current and future damages.

They Will Look for any Reason to Deny Your Claim

Insurance companies want to avoid paying out more compensation than they need to, which is why they search for some reason to deny your claim. They may say you have a preexisting injury or not even provide you with a reason. Insurance adjusters sometimes receive bonuses for denied claims.

Since accident victims are often unsure about their rights and whether a claim denial is legitimate, it is vital to discuss the situation with an experienced attorney. The lawyers at Lynch Law Firm, PC can help determine if a denial can be overturned.

Insurers Often Cancel Policies for Petty Reasons

If you call to ask about a claim, the insurance company may consider it a red flag. They might even use that as a reason to cancel your policy. They may consider you too risky to insure.

Insurance Companies May Drag Their Feet

While insurance companies often want to resolve claims quickly, they may also drag their feet. They know the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit and they may want to get as close to that deadline as possible. That gives you and your lawyer less time to prepare a lawsuit.

Insurance companies also know the longer the process lasts, the more desperate accident victims may become. They may take their time responding to counteroffers and other requests or phone calls you make to the insurance company.

The Fine Print Could Hurt Your Chances of Recovering Compensation

Insurance policies have a lot of fine print that most people never bother to read. In fact, even if you tried to read it, it could be very difficult to understand how it may apply to your claim. Insurance companies know this, and they know how to exploit the language of insurance polices to deny claims or cancel policies.

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