Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on September 27, 2016  in Car Accident News. Updated on February 24, 2022

what to do after an accidentWith six million car crashes occurring annually in the U.S., one in three collisions results in driver or passenger injuries, many of which are fatal. Therefore, it is important to know what to do to protect yourself immediately following a crash.

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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

The following are ten steps you should take after a car accident:

Do not drive away – Remain calm and never leave the scene of a car collision, even if it is minor.

Check for injuries – Look for injuries and contact 911 for medical attention.

Protect yourself – Keep your hazard lights on if it is dark outside. Set up flares or warning triangles and wait in your car by the roadside for assistance. If your flashers do not work, use the flashlight on your cellphone.

Contact law enforcement – Even if the accident is minor and there are no apparent injuries, call the police. You might have to file an insurance claim so it is wise to have a police report on hand, even if the collision only entails property damage.

Seek medical treatment – Seek medical treatment, even if injuries or pain are not evident right away. Keep documentation of all medical treatment you receive.

Document the facts – When the police arrive on scene, tell the facts and do not embellish, guess or speculate. If a police officer asks you a question and you do not know the answer, say so. You should collect credible evidence that supports your claim and can be used to build a personal injury case.

Take photos – Do not get in the way of the police investigation. However, take pictures as soon as you can of visible property damage and injuries.

Obtain information – After the accident, get the name, phone number and address of everyone involved in the crash, including passengers. When the police arrive, they will give drivers a police report number. Keep the documented information in a safe place.

Tell your insurance company – As soon as you can after the crash, let your insurance company know what happened.

Call an auto accident attorney – Speaking to a knowledgeable attorney is an important step after a car accident. Your attorney will protect your rights and ensure evidence is saved.

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