Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available in New Jersey

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on July 10, 2017  in Workers' Compensation News. Updated on February 24, 2022

injured at workIn New Jersey, when a worker is injured on the job or contracts an illness or medical condition due to their employment, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Depending on the specific scenario, different types of benefits are available.

The New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys of Lynch Law Firm, PC can make sure you are receiving the types of benefits you need. If you have any questions about workers’ compensation benefits or require assistance with your claim, do not wait to contact us as there are strict deadlines for filing workers’ compensation claims.

Medical Benefits

If your work-related injury or illness requires medical treatment, costs are paid by your employer (if self-insured) or by their insurance provider. Insurers and/or employers have the right to choose medical providers to treat an employee’s work-related injury.

Types of expenses covered under medical benefits include necessary and reasonable:

  • Medical treatment
  • Prescriptions
  • Hospital services

Temporary Total Benefits

If a work injury leads to a disability that lasts more than seven days, temporary total benefits are available. These benefits are paid retroactively to the first missed day of work. Temporary total benefits cover 70 percent of the worker’s average weekly wages but must fall between the legal minimum and maximum rates that are established annually.

Temporary total benefits are paid until a worker:

  • Is able to return to work
  • Reaches the level of maximum medical improvement
  • Reaches the 400-week maximum allowed by law

Permanent Partial Benefits

Work-related illnesses and injuries that result in a permanent impairment of the body allow the victim to access permanent partial benefits. These benefits are determined by the level of functional loss experienced. Permanent partial benefits are paid on a weekly basis once the worker’s temporary disability resolves.

Permanent Total Benefits

Injuries and illnesses caused by a worker’s job can cause permanent disability, preventing the person from returning to gainful employment of any type. When this occurs, permanent total benefits are paid. Benefits are 70 percent of the worker’s average weekly pay and must fall between the legal minimum and maximum amounts.

Permanent total benefits are paid for 450 weeks initially. Once this time frame has passed, the worker must show his or her total disability persists to continue receiving benefits. These benefits cover 70 percent of the injured worker’s weekly wage within the legal minimum and maximum rates.

Death Benefits

When a job-related injury or illness causes death, the worker’s dependents may be eligible for death benefits.

  • Up to $3,500 may be paid for funeral expenses.
  • Weekly death benefits equal 70 percent of the worker’s wage, not exceeding the legal maximum.

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