Who Is Liable for Car Accidents in Work Zones?

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on April 9, 2018  in Car Accident News. Updated on March 2, 2022

roadway construction detourA work zone is an area of roadway undergoing highway construction, maintenance or utility-related repairs. Although these zones are typically marked by signs, traffic devices, barriers or pavement markings, they can increase the risk of an auto accident.

It can be difficult to determine which party is liable for the victim’s injuries in a work-zone auto accident. For this reason, it is often in your best interest to contact an experienced New Jersey car accident attorney to discuss your claim.

Lynch Law Firm, PC’s New Jersey personal injury attorneys will provide you with a free, no obligation consultation to review your auto accident and determine if you may be entitled to compensation. We have a strong understand of New Jersey’s auto accident laws and will work to help you identify which party is at fault for a work-zone auto accident.

Common Causes of Work-Zone Auto Accidents

Often, auto accidents that occur in work zones cause victims to suffer severe injuries resulting in permanent disability or death.

Many work-zone auto accidents are the result of motorists’ negligent or reckless behavior while driving around construction workers. Some of the most common causes of work-zone auto accidents include:

  • Speeding: Most work zones experience stop-and-go traffic, as traffic is generally condensed into fewer travel lanes and the speed is reduced. This is important for protecting everyone on the road, and as a result, drivers may face doubled fines for speeding.
  • Ignoring construction signs and signals: Drivers may ignore signs, traffic directions and caution signals indicating construction zones. These signs are posted to alert motorists of upcoming road conditions and detours.
  • Distraction: Distracted drivers traveling through construction zones can cause serious accidents, such as rear-end collisions. The conditions of the roadway in a work zone can change quickly and with little warning, which can increase the risk of an accident caused by a distracted driver.
  • Merging: Drivers may need to merge into another lane to accommodate construction zones. If a driver merges too late or at high speeds, it can result in an auto collision,

Construction Company Liability

There are several situations where a construction company may be liable for a work-zone auto accident.

This can occur when a construction company negligently set up a work zone site or when construction equipment owned by the company causes the accident. Likewise, a construction company could also be held liable if one if its employees causes the accident.

Additional examples where the construction company may be liable for a work-zone auto accident include:

  • Placing traffic warning signs for motorists in undesignated areas
  • Creating confusion for motorists by not clearly stating which lanes are open for them to use
  • Using inadequate warning lights on construction vehicles and equipment that fail to warn drivers of their presence at night
  • Affecting motorists vision with excessive or improperly placed lighting in work zones
  • A construction worker striking another vehicle while he or she was on duty
  • Creating dangerous roadway hazards by failing to maintain the construction site
  • Failing to provide clear and legible detour directions for motorists to avoid the construction site

Driver Liability

In many cases, work-zone accidents are the result of driver negligence. A motorist may be liable for a work zone accident if his or her negligence causes the crash. This can occur when a motorist:

  • Collides with construction equipment or construction zone signs, causing one or more vehicles to crash into the first vehicle.
  • Rear-ends another vehicle that is slowed down or stopped due to road construction.
  • Drives while distracted in a work zone and fails to see the warning signs, construction vehicles, equipment or construction workers.

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