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Does the attorney or law firm you choose make any difference?

Yes, of course. Attorneys, especially in the New York metro area have become more and more specialized. There are firms and attorneys within firms that handle one area of the law. These attorneys understand the issues that are involved in their practice area. They see the same issues over and over again. They handle car accidents, fall down accidents, construction accidents, medical malpractice as well as workers compensation claims. It is extremely important for you to “do your homework” and review whether the attorney or law firm handles your type of case. If they do handle the type of case, have they handled that case in a competent manner. For instance, you will need a car accident attorney or medical malpractice attorney
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How has the law firm done in past? Do they have a track record?

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Has the law firm received any Awards for their work?

Arthur V. Lynch and James S. Lynch were inducted by the New Jersey Law Journal for the Personal Injury Hall of Fame.Brian A. Held and Michael S. Rosenberg are AV Preeminent Rated by Martindale Hubbell. Arthur V. Lynch, James S. Lynch, Brian A. Held and Neil S. Weiner are Life Members Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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Are they competent to handle your case?

You have to look closely at whether they actually handle your type of legal problem. All lawyers are not the same. At the Lynch Firm, our attorneys have been practicing for many years in the same specialty. They are personal injury attorneys. They have to experience to handle your personal injury case, whether it is from a car accident, construction site, medical malpractice or workers compensation issue.

Do other attorneys trust them?

It may come as a surprise to some people that attorneys may refer cases and clients to other more experienced attorneys and legally collect a fee for doing so. In New Jersey, this may be legal only if the attorney has been Certified by Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey. Arthur V. Lynch, James S. Lynch and Neil S. Weiner have achieved this status.

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Does the firm have the resources to handle your case?

The prosecution of a personal injury case is extremely expensive. Even in a small, case the cost for medical records and filing fees will cost the law firm thousands. In a larger case, the amount of money that the law firm will have to float could be in tens or even hundreds of thousands.

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Will the attorney make the process easy for you?

The average person has never walked into a law office before having their accident. The attorney and staff should explain the process and clearly describe and define the expectations for the client. Any and all questions should be answered.

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Will you be treated with respect?

Unfortunately, some attorneys have poor reputations when it comes to customer service. They don’t keep the client informed and fail to return phone calls. The attorneys at the Lynch Firm understand the importance of making sure that you understand the process.

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What will it cost?

In a personal injury or a Workers Compensation there is no fee unless there is a recovery. The law firm works on a commission basis. The law firm advances all costs for the prosecution of the case which can in some cases approach or exceed $100,000.

James Lynch and Arthur Lynch honored at the 2014 New Jersey Law Journal PERSONAL INJURY HALL OF FAME Dinner.


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