Who Could Be Held Liable for a Brake-Checking Car Crash in New Jersey?

Road rage has become a growing problem in New Jersey and across the nation. One common way drivers express their... Read More

Should I Be Concerned if I Feel Dizzy After a New Jersey Car Crash?

Car crashes are stressful, anxiety-inducing events, so you may not be surprised to feel tired or even dizzy. However, dizziness... Read More

Can Parents File a New Jersey Personal Injury Claim if Their Child Was Left in a Hot Car by Someone Else?

Leaving a child in a hot car for too long can result in severe or fatal injuries. While parents are... Read More

Seat Belt Syndrome After a New Jersey Car Crash

Seat belt syndrome is a blanket term that refers to a range of injuries that can be caused by a... Read More

Understanding the Reasonable Person Standard in a New Jersey Injury Claim

The reasonable person standard is a legal concept used in personal injury cases as a basis for assessing whether a... Read More

Why Do Victims Have the Burden of Proof in NJ Injury Claims?

Individuals injured by the negligence of others often file a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for their medical costs... Read More

What If I Crash in New Jersey While Test Driving a New Car?

Test driving a new car is an exciting opportunity for drivers to get a feel for a vehicle and explore... Read More

What If I Have Shoulder Pain After a New Jersey Car Crash?

After a car crash, some victims may experience shoulder pain. Sometimes this may be muscle soreness caused by the impact,... Read More

James Lynch Representing Paterson Laundry Worker in Injury Trial

Rosalba Peralta, an employee at Star Laundry in Paterson, New Jersey, sustained a devastating workplace injury in September 2019. Unfortunately,... Read More

Who May Be at Fault for a Jackknife Truck Accident?

An out-of-control jackknife truck accident can cause a lot of devastation in mere seconds. Tragically, these crashes cause thousands of... Read More

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