James Lynch Representing Paterson Laundry Worker in Injury Trial

Rosalba Peralta, an employee at Star Laundry in Paterson, New Jersey, sustained a devastating workplace injury in September 2019. Unfortunately,... Read More

What If I Crash While Crossing a NJ Bridge or Overpass?

Bridge and overpass crashes may happen due to many types of negligence. For example, a driver traveling too fast on... Read More

What if You Suffered Broken Ribs in a New Jersey Car Crash?

If you get hit in the chest during a car crash, the force of the blow could be strong enough... Read More

Eye Injuries That Could Cause Vision Loss After a NJ Car Crash

People may sustain many types of injuries during the impact of a car crash, including injuries to one or both... Read More

Can I Sue for Post-Traumatic Arthritis Caused By a NJ Car Crash?

Car crashes often leave victims with a lot of challenging consequences, many of which extend far beyond the initial impact... Read More

Who May Be Liable for a Seizure-Related Crash in New Jersey?

Epilepsy is a serious neurological disorder that some people suffer from. It is characterized by recurrent seizures. This medical condition... Read More

How Going Back to Work Too Soon Could Hurt Your New Jersey Personal Injury Claim

Many injured victims want to get back to work as soon as possible. They cannot afford to lose even one... Read More

Should I Worry If I Have Knee Pain After a New Jersey Car Crash?

Knee pain after a car crash could just be a bad bruise, but in some cases, the damage could be... Read More

Could Driving While Playing Loud Music Lead to a Car Crash?

Listening to music is one of those universal things that many people love to do, even when driving. Music can... Read More

Who May Be Liable for a New Jersey Backing-Up Crash?

The flow of traffic in parking lots or in and out of driveways may be slower, but if an accident... Read More

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