Eye Injuries That Could Cause Vision Loss After a NJ Car Crash

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young dark-skinned woman holding her eye in painPeople may sustain many types of injuries during the impact of a car crash, including injuries to one or both eyes. When these injuries result in vision loss, you may be eligible to add these damages to your injury claim.

At Lynch Law Firm, PC, we discuss specific eye injuries that could cause vision loss after a car crash. We also talk about the steps you should take after suffering these injuries to protect your sight and any potential legal claim.

Did you sustain eye injuries and other losses in a crash you did not cause? If so, we recommend seeking legal help right away. Our experienced vehicle crash attorneys in New Jersey have been helping injured victims for decades, recovering millions on behalf of our clients. Eligible crash victims who hire an attorney often recover significantly more compensation for their damages than those who do not.

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How Do Eye Injuries Happen in Car Crashes?

Eye injuries happen in car crashes more often than many people may think. The force of a collision, even at low speeds, can turn objects inside the car into projectiles, or cause a person’s face to impact with parts of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel or dashboard.

Airbags, for instance, while lifesaving, could cause or contribute to eye injuries because of the force exerted when they deploy.

You should seek medical attention right after a crash to protect your health and ensure you do not have serious internal injuries. People may be more lax about this when it comes to getting eye injuries checked out, thinking they will heal on their own. However, some eye injuries can lead to severe infections and even permanent vision loss without immediate treatment. For these and other reasons, it is vital to get diagnosed and treated promptly to prevent your injuries from worsening.

Eye injuries you could suffer in a car crash range from mild to severe and may include:

Corneal Abrasions

A corneal abrasion means the eye’s surface has been scratched. This could be the result of flying debris in the vehicle, such as shattered glass or even debris from a deploying airbag. Symptoms may include pain, redness, and a sensation of grit in the eye.

Orbital Fractures

The bones that surround and support the eyeball and other eye tissue can fracture during a crash. The impact could cause you to hit your face on something hard, like the steering wheel. If this impact results in an orbital fracture, you could have difficulty moving your eye properly.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Flattened cheek area under the affected eye
  • Black, blue or purple bruising in the area
  • Swelling under the affected eye
  • Numbness
  • Sunken or bulging eyeballs, depending on the location of the fracture
  • Blood in the white part of the affected eye
  • Nosebleeds

Treatment for orbital fractures may not always require surgery. It depends on the severity and location of the fracture. Physicians may recommend using ice to reduce pain and swelling. They are also likely to take imaging scans, such as X-rays or CT-scans, to make sure the fracture will not impede your vision. They will also check to make sure your eye is properly positioned in the socket.

Even if surgery is not needed, you may have blurry or double vision for a few days to weeks while your eye heals. It is important to follow your doctor’s plan of care during this time to ensure an optimal recovery.

Retinal Detachment

A sharp blow to the head can cause the retina to tear away and detach from its normal position. When this occurs, the blood vessels are no longer providing the tissue with oxygen and nourishment, which is why this injury does not heal on its own. Retinal tears require immediate surgery to avoid permanent vision loss.

Symptoms of retinal detachment include:

  • Sudden onset of multiple “floaters” in the eye (tiny specks drifting across your field of vision)
  • Blurry vision
  • Flashes of light in one or both eyes
  • A curtain-like shadow appearing over your field of vision

Traumatic Iritis

This is an inflammation of the iris that can result from a direct injury to the eye. Symptoms include pain, light sensitivity, and blurred vision.

Chemical Burns

Airbags deploying can release chemicals that cause burns or irritations to the eye.

Each of these injuries can have a lasting impact on your vision and overall quality of life. It is essential to seek immediate medical attention if you experience any eye-related symptoms following a car crash.

Can I Seek Compensation for Vision Loss After a Car Crash?

If suffered vision loss from a New Jersey car crash, you may be eligible to seek compensation. We understand that the aftermath of a car crash can be overwhelming, especially when it involves serious injuries. But you do not need to try to handle everything on your own. Our experienced attorneys have been helping injured crash victims in New Jersey for decades. We are prepared to help you navigate the legal process every step of the way.

The compensation you may be able to seek may include these and other losses related to your crash:

  • Medical expenses: These damages include the reasonable and medically necessary costs related to the treatment of your injuries, including your eyes. Damages could include initial emergency room care, ongoing treatments, physical therapy, surgeries and more
  • Lost wages: If your injury has impacted your ability to work, compensation can cover the wages lost during your recovery.
  • Pain and suffering: Vision loss can lead to significant physical discomfort and emotional distress, which is also compensable.
  • Loss of quality of life: If your injury results in long-term or permanent vision loss, compensation may include the impact this has on your daily life and activities.

Timely action is crucial, as the statute of limitations for injury claims in New Jersey is typically two years from the date of the accident.

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