5 Tips for Driving Safely Around Motorcycles

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on August 17, 2018  in Motorcycle Accident News. Updated on March 2, 2022

motorcycles riding on a highwayOften, motorcycles are more difficult to see than larger passenger vehicles. When sharing the roadway with a motorcyclist, it is important that you drive safely and cautiously to prevent causing an accident.

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Below, we have provided several safety tips for motorists to follow while sharing the roadway with a motorcycle:

1. Check Your Blind Spots

Before you change lanes, make a wide turn or maneuver through traffic, check your vehicle’s blind spots to ensure a motorcyclist is not in your intended path.

To ensure you have a clear view of the roadway, turn your head to visually check your blind spot. Do not rely on mirrors to show you a complete view of the area surrounding your vehicle.

2. Keep a Safe Following Distance

When driving around motorcycles, keep a safe following distance. This provides both you and the motorcyclist a buffer zone in case of a hazard and provides more time to stop or move without causing an accident.

It is recommended that you keep a distance of four seconds from a motorcycle. Pick a fixed object near the roadway and count the seconds between when the motorcycle passes and your vehicle passes the object.

If you count less than four seconds between the time the motorcyclist and your vehicle passes the object, you may be traveling too fast. Lower your speed to maintain a four-second distance between both vehicles.

3. Use Your Turn Signals

Always use your turn signals to alert motorcyclists and other drivers that you intend to turn or change lanes. Activate your turn signal a few seconds before you make your turn to allow time for the motorcyclist to see your intentions and make any necessary adjustments to stay out of your path.

A motorcyclist can easily lose control if he or she is forced to make emergency adjustments, such as quickly maneuvering to avoid a car changing lanes. Using a turn signal helps motorcyclists prepare for the change and remain safe.

4. Check for Motorcyclists Before Changing Lanes

Before you move to another lane, take a moment to look for approaching motorcycles. This is especially true before crossing traffic or making a left turn. When a vehicle turns left and cuts in front of an approaching motorcycle, the motorcyclist may T-bone the other vehicle as it makes the turn.

Always check your blind spots for an approaching motorcyclist and allow plenty of time to make sure he or she understands that you intend to turn left or change lanes.

5. Do Not Drive While You Are Distracted

Although you should never drive while distracted, it is particularly dangerous to be distracted while driving around a motorcyclist. Riders are often completely exposed or have little protection in the event of a crash.

Distracted driving significantly reduces your reaction time and ability to notice sudden changes in traffic or upcoming hazards in the roadway. If you are driving around a motorcyclist and become distracted, you may fail to notice the motorcyclist approaching you or coming to a stop until it is too late.

To avoid distracted driving, you should turn cellphone off, adjust your vehicle’s features before you start driving and limit your conversation with passengers in your vehicle. Additionally, you should always be well-rested before driving and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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