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A boating accident can turn your world upside down and lead to serious injuries or even death. The New Jersey boating accident lawyers at Lynch Law Firm, PC know the pain and frustration you feel after an accident and are dedicated to helping you fight for fair compensation if another’s actions caused your injuries.

We are experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyers with the skills and resources you need to get the compensation you deserve. Do not hesitate to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation. You have only a limited amount of time to file a claim.

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Types of Boating Accidents

New Jersey is a great place to enjoy the open water due to its proximity to the ocean as well as inland water opportunities. However, what starts out as a fun day can turn deadly when someone is seriously injured in a boating accident. Whether you are out with a friend or have hired someone to take you out onto the water, safety should always be a top concern.

Unfortunately, more people are out in the water than ever before. Some of these people are not experienced enough to handle a vessel and others are too confident in their abilities. This puts them at a much higher risk of being involved in a boating accident, which can happen anywhere in and in any kind of situation.

Some of the most common types of accidents our New Jersey boating accident lawyers have seen include:

  • Propeller accidents
  • Falling off a boat
  • Colliding with other boats
  • Kayaking and canoe accidents
  • Drowning
  • Drunk boating
  • Water ski accidents
  • Boats capsizing
  • Airboat accidents
  • Explosions and fires
  • Slip and fall injuries near or on a boat

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Causes of Boating Accidents

You may have grounds for a personal injury claim if your injuries were caused by a negligent boat operator. Personal injury law in New Jersey protects you in the event that someone else’s reckless behavior led to your life-changing injury.
Some of the most common factors behind boating accidents include:

  • Operating the boat at a high rate of speed
  • Equipment failure
  • Operating a boat in poor weather
  • Not paying attention
  • Drinking and driving
  • Distracted boat operation

There are many different injuries that can result from a boating accident. Far too many individuals pay the ultimate price of their life in a boating accident, but even those who survive are likely to find that their life is more difficult. Issues like burn injuries, near drowning, spinal cord injuries, electrocution, lacerations and bruises, and carbon monoxide poisoning may all be associated with a boating accident.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, our New Jersey boating accident lawyers can help you determine if you are entitled to file a claim seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses associated with your injuries.

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When to Contact Our New Jersey Boating Accident Lawyers

If you have been hurt, it is important to get medical attention immediately. Doing so allows you to get treatment for your injuries. You should then turn to a reputable personal injury attorney with experience handling these types of cases.

The team of accomplished lawyers at Lynch Law Firm, PC have decades of experience fighting for the rights of injury victims throughout New Jersey. We have the skills and resources to fully investigate your claim and build a strong case on your behalf. We will:

  • Evaluate evidence from the scene of the crash
  • Work with expert witnesses
  • Reconstruct the scene of the accident
  • Gather the latest video footage associated with the crash
  • Speak to witnesses who saw the accident unfold
  • Review your medical records

The only way to protect yourself after a serious boating accident is to hire a lawyer. Signing an agreement or waiving your rights could cost you in the long run if your injuries are severe. Make sure you take your own future seriously by hiring the experienced New Jersey boating accident lawyers you can trust. Contact Lynch Law Firm, PC today for a free consultation. We do not get paid unless you do.

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