Steel Beams Injure Two in Multi-Vehicle Accident

Posted on behalf of James Lynch on February 27, 2017  in Truck Accident News. Updated on March 2, 2022

ambulance at severe accidentTwo drivers were injured in an accident involving falling steel beams Wednesday morning while driving along Route 17. The incident closed both northbound and southbound lanes for several hours.

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According to reports, a tractor-trailer traveling in the middle of the northbound lane experienced locked brakes as he slowed for traffic. The 63-year-old driver turned on the trucks flashers as he waited for assistance. Shortly after, another tractor-trailer merged to the middle lane of Route 17 to avoid merging traffic, unaware of the disabled vehicle.

To avoid the disabled tractor-trailer, the driver of the second tractor-trailer swerved into the left lane. He did not clear the disabled vehicle and instead struck its trailer. The truck came to a stop after striking the center median, which sent its load of steel beams flying into the highway.

A single steel beam weighing 2,500 lbs. entered the southbound lanes and struck a 2014 Toyota Corolla, which was driving in the left southbound lane. The Corolla’s driver sustained serious injuries and had to be removed from the wrecked vehicle and transported to a nearby hospital for care.

Another beam hit a 2005 Ford Escort in the southbound lanes. The man driving the vehicle complained of chest and back pain following the accident.

The Paramus Police Traffic Division as well as the New Jersey State Police Commercial Carrier Safety Inspection Unit are currently investigating the accident.

Poorly loaded cargo and debris that falls from trucks or other vehicles can cause severe harm to others on the road.

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