Tesla Class Action Lawsuit for Steering and Suspension Failures

Tesla is widely known for its innovative and high-tech driving machines. Founded in 2003, this company quickly rose to dominance, not just in the automotive industry, but as one of the biggest companies in the world. However, over the last seven-plus years, many Tesla owners have come to regret their purchases.

There are growing complaints from tens of thousands of Tesla owners about serious mechanical issues that pose a dangerous crash risk. The most recent complaints include significant steering and suspension issues.

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What Are the Steering and Suspension Complaints From Tesla Owners?

According to a Reuters news report, thousands of complaints have been launched against Tesla involving suspension and steering failures. One recent incident involves a brand new 2023 Tesla Model Y with only 115 miles on its odometer. As the owner of this vehicle turned into his neighborhood, the right-front suspension of the vehicle suddenly collapsed. That section of the vehicle then scraped along the road as it came to a stop. The repair, which took almost 40 labor hours to repair, totaled over $14,000, costs that Tesla refused to pay. They blamed the incident on prior vehicle damage.

Defective Front Upper and Lower Control Arms

Owners of various Tesla autos, including the Model 3, Model X and Model Y, have issued complaints about having to repair the front upper control arms on their vehicles. For those who do not know, the control arms are a vital component to the Tesla’s suspension system. If control arms come loose or disconnect, drivers may experience:

  • Upper arms coming loose or breaking: Drivers might be able to stay on the road, but would essentially have zero steering control.
  • Lower arms breaking: The wheel could collapse and fall off the vehicle, causing the front part of the frame to hit the road below.

Either of these situations pose an extremely dangerous hazard for the driver, vehicle occupants and others in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Tesla Denied Steering or Suspension Issues

Despite the more than 2,300 complaints issued, according to the NHTSA, Tesla disputed there were any steering or suspension issues. In September 2020, a senior Tesla lawyer addressed the NHTSA in a letter, saying, ” There is no defect in the subject components and no associated safety risk.” Instead, Tesla placed the blame on vehicle owners, saying they abused the vehicle or that there was prior damage. Unfortunately for the owners, these damages resulted in costly repairs that they were told by Tesla would not be covered by warranty.

According to records examined by Reuters in its investigation into this situation, Tesla knew about the defects and repaired an estimated 120,000 front upper control arms just between January 2021 and March 2022. The company did not take ownership for the defective parts, even on the Tesla that only had 115 miles on the odometer. Instead, Tesla blamed customers for the defects, saying they abused the vehicle or that there was prior damage. Unfortunately for the owners, these damages resulted in costly repairs that they were told by Tesla would not be covered by warranty.

Typically, when there are significant and repeated repairs of a specific auto part it suggests either a design flaw or defect. This number of complaints also typically raises safety concerns.

NHTSA Investigation Launched

In July 2023, the NHTSA launched a preliminary assessment into loss of steering control complaints by owners of Tesla Model 3 and Y vehicles. As of February 2024, Reuters reported that the NHTSA has now received 2,388 complaints. The extent of the complaints varied from being completely unable to turn the steering wheel to having to use increased physical force.

To Date, Tesla Owners Have Paid for 26 Percent of the Repairs

Although Tesla refuted the validity of the claims reported by Reuters, records show that Tesla owners have currently paid for 26 percent of the repairs done. The number of repairs already completed by Tesla indicates an estimated 264 new front upper control arms are being installed every day.

In the case of the man who was riding with his wife and daughter, the outcome could have been catastrophic if they were on a highway, rather than slowly turning into their neighborhood.

Senators have urged Tesla to recall affected parts. The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) says it has not yet received sufficient complaints to issue a recall but encourages owners who experience this issue to file a report online.

Tesla Issues Voluntary Recalls

Despite denying problems with the steering and suspension, Tesla issued a recall of some 2023 Model Y vehicles. The issue is described as front lateral link fasteners not being properly attached. This issue, as stated by Tesla in its recall notice, could increase the risk of a crash.

Another steering recall, which is also for 2022-2023 Tesla Model Y vehicles simply states that the steering wheel fastener may be loose. If this fastener breaks or disconnects, it could increase the risk of a crash.

You can check to see if your vehicle has been recalled for these and other issues on the NHTSA website.

Is There a Valid Lawsuit for Tesla’s Steering and Suspension Issues?

A lawsuit against Tesla for suspension issues has already been filed in Northern California. The class action lawsuit against the automotive giant was filed in April 2022. This particular lawsuit alleges complaints only for defaults in the Model S and Model X vehicles. Plaintiffs in this lawsuit are seeking compensation for the cost of their vehicle repairs and other damages. For instance, plaintiffs are also claiming the diminished value of their vehicles, as any resale value will be significantly impacted by the defects.

Can Tesla Be Held Liable for Damages Caused by Defective Parts on Their Vehicles?

To have a valid case, you must be able to prove negligence. In other words, you must be able to prove that Tesla knew or should have known there were issues with their vehicles. For instance, if they knew their vehicles had a flawed design or defective auto parts, that could make the vehicle unsafe to drive.

This is something you should speak to our experienced attorneys about. We are prepared to discuss your situation and determine whether you may have legal options.

Who May Be Eligible To File a Tesla Lawsuit?

Our attorneys must review each situation individually to determine whether there may be a valid case. Generally speaking, you might be eligible if you:

  • Bought or leased a Tesla vehicle, Model S, Model X or Model Y between January 2016 and now
  • Did not receive a recall to get the vehicle repaired
  • Experienced steering or suspension issues that caused you property damage, physical harm and other losses

How Much Could My Tesla Lawsuit Be Worth?

If you have a case, there are many unique, contributing factors that could impact the overall value of a claim. However, if you were injured or suffered property damage due to Tesla steering and suspension failures, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your damages, which could include:

  • Property damage
  • Any medical bills related to your case
  • Lost income
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • And more

The potential value of your claim hinges on various elements, such as the details of the incident, whether your vehicle was subject to an unaddressed recall, and more.

Are There Filing Deadlines for Class Action Lawsuits in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, like most states, there are filing deadlines. Even if we believe you may have a valid case against Tesla, you only have a specific period in which you can file a claim under the law. If you wait too long to file your lawsuit, you may get barred from seeking any compensation for your damages.

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