Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit

Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers of various brands of hair relaxer products. Research has revealed a connection between the regular use of these products and uterine cancer. These products have put millions of women at risk, particularly African-American women.

If you or your loved one were diagnosed with cancer after years of using a hair relaxer, you may be able to take legal action. You may be eligible for compensation for your past and future medical care and other damages.

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Do I Qualify for a Hair Relaxer Lawsuit?

Anyone who regularly used hair relaxers and was later diagnosed with one of the following illnesses may be eligible to file a lawsuit:

  • Uterine cancer
  • Endometrial cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Uterine fibroids

Your lawyer must prove a clear connection between your use of a hair relaxer product and being diagnosed with one of the above illnesses.

If your family member passed away from one of these illnesses and you have reason to believe the disease was caused by a hair relaxer, you may be able to file a lawsuit on their behalf.

However, there are many considerations related to your eligibility for legal action:

  • Your cancer diagnosis
  • Date of your cancer diagnosis
  • What stage your cancer is in
  • How long you used hair relaxers
  • How often you used these products
  • When you first heard about the connection between hair straighteners/relaxer and cancer
  • How you discovered this connection

You will need medical records to establish your diagnosis, along with proof that you used a hair relaxer (either at home or at a salon). Your lawsuit must say where you bought the hair relaxer or the name of the salon where it was applied. Claimants must have medical records, purchase receipts and other types of documentation to help substantiate their case.

Eligibility may extend to both short-term and long-term users of hair relaxers/straighteners who can demonstrate a clear pattern of product usage leading to their diagnosis.

Each case is unique, so consulting with an experienced attorney is crucial to understanding whether you can pursue legal action. An experienced lawyer can offer personalized advice and evaluate the strength of your case.

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What Hair Relaxer Brands Can Be Included in Lawsuits?

These are some of the brand-name hair relaxers that may be included in lawsuits:

  • Dark & Lovely
  • ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer
  • Just For Me
  • Cantu Shea Butter Relaxer
  • Motions
  • L’Oreal
  • Softsheen-Carson
  • Optimum
  • TCB Naturals
  • Dream Kids Olive Miracle

If you regularly used any of these hair relaxer products for a significant period, usually years, you may have a higher risk of being diagnosed with uterine cancer or another estrogen-dependent form of cancer.

How Much Compensation Could I Recover?

A hair relaxer lawsuit can include many forms of compensation. Each case is unique, so the forms of compensation will vary based on your unique circumstances.

Much of the compensation victims seek is likely to cover medical care. This includes medical care you have already received and medical care you are likely to need in the future. If your loved one has passed away, you may be eligible to seek wrongful death damages.

Other forms of compensation that may be sought in a hair relaxer lawsuit include:

  • Lost wages and loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Punitive damages, in cases of egregious negligence
  • And more

The value of each case is going to depend on the specific details of your diagnosis, medical treatment and other factors. The experienced legal team at Lynch Law Firm, PC can give you a better idea about what your claim may be worth.

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What Is the Cost of Hiring a Lawyer for Your Case?

This question is one of the main obstacles that prevents some injury victims from even calling a lawyer. Despite a lot of marketing about how injury lawyers get paid, many people still do not know. They think lawyers who help injury victims need to be paid up front.

However, many firms, including Lynch Law Firm, PC, operate on a contingency basis. This means:

  • No upfront fees
  • Payment only upon successful recovery of compensation
  • Free initial consultation to discuss your case

This approach allows victims to pursue justice no matter their financial situation. This promotes access to the legal system for everyone.

How Much Time Do I Have To File a Lawsuit?

Each state has a specific statute of limitations for defective product cases, including hair relaxer lawsuits. A statute of limitations is a window of time in which people have to pursue a specific type of legal action. Once the window closes, you lose the right to pursue this type of legal action.

This deadline is just one reason why you should contact a lawyer right away if you think you may have a case. Companies that make dangerous products should be held accountable. You may also be able to recover compensation to help you manage other damages caused by your illness.

Pending Hair Relaxer Lawsuits

L’Oreal is the first company to get sued by someone who was diagnosed with uterine cancer after regular use of hair relaxer products. The plaintiff used these products every couple of months, starting at the age of 10. She received her diagnosis in 2018 when she was only 28 years old.

This was the first of many lawsuits. There were 60 lawsuits by early 2023, and on February 26, 2023, 60 hair relaxer lawsuits across the country were consolidated into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Northern District of Illinois, where they were assigned to Judge Mary Rowland. Over the next few months, dozens more lawsuits were added to the MDL. Since then, there have been thousands more lawsuits added. There were 8,217 hair relaxer lawsuits pending in the MDL as of February 1, 2024.

An MDL is a grouping of related lawsuits that is managed by a single federal court. These lawsuits were filed in multiple districts, hence the name. The purpose of an MDL is to make more efficient use of resources, particularly those needed for the discovery phase. For example, cases can be filed directly into the MDL using a short-form complaint. This approach helps streamline the legal process.

After the MDL is created, select cases are chosen for bellwether trials. You can think of these as test cases. The outcomes of these trials provide valuable insights into potential resolutions for the remaining cases. The conclusion of this phase frequently prompts both parties to negotiate a settlement for many of the other cases.

Lawsuits can be grouped together into an MDL when they make similar allegations and have similar questions of fact. For example, many hair relaxer lawsuits allege:

  • Negligence
  • Defective product design
  • Failure to inform customers of risks
  • Companies knew about the risks of their products
  • False advertising

Research Linking Hair Relaxer to Uterine Cancer

The first hair relaxer lawsuit was filed in October 2022, not long after a landmark study that showed evidence connecting the use of hair relaxers to cancer. The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, took more than a decade to complete.

Researchers compared cancer incidence rates among women who regularly used hair relaxers to those who never did. The findings were startling, revealing that women who used hair relaxers had more than double the likelihood of being diagnosed with uterine cancer compared to non-users. This risk escalated with increased use of the products.

This study is the first piece of research to show a direct link between hair relaxers and a heightened risk of uterine cancer. This research was a catalyst for thousands of lawsuits being filed against hair relaxer manufacturers.

Another study was conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health. This time researchers uncovered a link to reduced fertility. The study was released on June 1, 2023, and featured in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Researchers uncovered a correlation between chemical hair straightener use and reduced fertility. The study highlighted a racial disparity in the usage of these products. Black, Hispanic and mixed-race individuals were found to be more frequently exposed to potentially harmful chemicals found in hair relaxers. These demographic groups began using hair relaxers at an earlier age, more often and for extended periods. This increased usage was also associated with decreased pregnancy rates.

Symptoms of Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is usually diagnosed after people experience some combination of the following symptoms:

  • Unusual vaginal bleeding or discharge: This is the most common symptom, and it usually occurs outside of the regular menstrual cycle or after menopause.
  • Pelvic pain: This refers to persistent or intermittent pain in the pelvic area that is not associated with menstrual cramps.
  • Pain during intercourse: Experiencing discomfort or pain during sexual activity may be a warning sign of uterine cancer.
  • Weight loss: Unintended weight loss that cannot be explained by changes in diet or exercise habits could indicate uterine cancer.

If you have experienced these symptoms and have a history of hair relaxer use, you should seek medical attention. You should also consider talking to an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

Recognizing the early signs of uterine cancer and quickly seeking medical attention can lead to a faster diagnosis. This may mean earlier treatment, which could also be more effective.

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