Do Pre-Existing Injuries Affect My Current Personal Injury Claim?

If you were already injured or suffering from a health issue before being involved in a personal injury accident, your preexisting condition may affect your personal injury claim. Below, you can learn about how preexisting injuries can impact the potential… Read More

How Does the Statute of Limitations Affect My Personal Injury Case?

If you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall or any other accident that has caused you injury, you may be considering filing a personal injury insurance claim or lawsuit to obtain compensation for the damages you are dealing with. However,… Read More

What Are Medication Errors and How to Stay Safe

You have probably seen those lengthy prescription drug commercials promising relief from various medical conditions. After they describe how the drug can make your life better, they start listing all the dangerous side effects that make you wonder if… Read More

What is an Expert Affidavit in a Medical Malpractice Case?

If you have been involved in a medical procedure or treatment that caused you to suffer an injury, you are probably considering the legal route. You may have heard that in order to seek compensation for damages you sustained such as additional medical… Read More

Can I Recover Compensation If I Contributed to an Accident?

If you were in an accident that you contributed to, you may be wondering if you can pursue compensation for the damages your injury caused. Before you take the next steps in pursing compensation, you should know about New Jersey’s comparative negligence… Read More

Can I Recover Punitive Damages for an Accident Caused by a Drunk Driver?

Drunk-driving crashes can cause serious injuries and deaths in many cases. If victims or their loved ones can prove the driver was drunk, they may be entitled to compensation for damages caused by the crash. Since driving drunk is extremely reckless,… Read More

Which Driver is Liable for a Merging Accident?

Merging onto a highway, parkway or turnpike can be very dangerous. We have all been in situations where other drivers just will not let you in. This often causes road rage, which is particularly dangerous considering the speed of your vehicle and those… Read More

When Do You Have to Report a Car Accident in New Jersey?

If you were involved in an accident that caused you to suffer an injury or caused drastic damages, you may be wondering if it is necessary to report the accident to the police. Find out if your accident should be reported with the points highlighted below. If… Read More

Personal Injury Claims for Minors in New Jersey

Children are prone to getting hurt all on their own, but sometimes a child suffers an injury through the fault of another person or entity. If your child was injured because of the negligence of another party, you may have the right to pursue compensation… Read More

What You Should Know About Jaywalking in New Jersey

Say you are driving within the speed limit, obeying traffic laws, and minding your own business. Then, out of nowhere, you hit a pedestrian who is illegally crossing the street. When pedestrians are involved in a car accident, it is easy to assume the… Read More

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