Coronavirus Update - No Face To Face Consultations

Concerned about coronavirus but injured from an accident? Lynch Law Firm offers a free no-obligation consultation and electronic signups, so you never need to leave home to get experienced legal representation. Our initial legal consultation is completely… Read More

How Following Too Closely Could Cause a Car Accident

It is important to leave enough room between your car and the one in front of you, so you have enough time to stop if the lead car stops suddenly. Otherwise, you could crash into the back of the lead vehicle and suffer whiplash or another injury. The… Read More

Boy Burned by Spray Sanitizer Made at 7-Eleven, Sold Without Warning Label

The owner of a 7-Eleven in River Vale was charged with Endangering The Welfare Of A Child and Deceptive Business Practices over the sale of store-made sanitizer spray that burned a 10-year-old boy’s arms and legs. River Vale police discovered the situation… Read More

Can You File a Claim Against the Government for a Car Accident Injury?

Most car accident claims involve private citizens and either one or both parties are found to have been negligent in some way. However, there are also times when the crash involves a government vehicle or employee. These types of cases can be much more… Read More

Can I Receive Workers’ Comp if My Injury Was Completely My Fault?

Many New Jersey workers have questions when it comes to the state’s workers’ compensation system. One pressing question is if a worker is eligible for workers’ compensation if the worker caused his or her own injuries in an accident. The workers’ compensation… Read More

What If There Were Multiple People at Fault for My Car Accident?

Some car accident cases are straightforward, such as when only two vehicles are involved and liability is clear. However, when more than two vehicles are involved, the claim is almost always more complicated. It is often more difficult to determine how… Read More

When Could Pedestrians Be at Fault for a Car Accident?

In many pedestrian accidents, the driver is found to be at fault. Drivers are often not paying attention in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic and to make matters worse, sometimes they may be speeding. However, there may be times when pedestrians could… Read More

Why You May Need an Attorney to Build a Case Against a Speeding Driver

Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Unfortunately, you may have a hard time proving the other driver was going over the speed limit, and he or she or his or her insurance company may deny it. If this happens, it is important that… Read More

What if I Have Minor Aches and Pains After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, it is common for accident victims to suffer minor aches and pains. However, in some situations this pain may be a symptom of a bigger problem or your injuries may be delayed. It is important to seek medical attention after a car… Read More

Can the Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury Be Reversed?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) occur when the normal functioning of the brain is interrupted because of a blow to the head or penetration from an external object. The effects of a traumatic brain injury can often be life-altering, but there are times… Read More

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