Factors to Consider When Calculating the Cost of Future Damages

If you were injured in an accident that left you with a permanent injury, you may be wondering whether you can recover compensation for the costs of future medical care and other future damages. Our experienced car accident lawyers in New Jersey are… Read More

What Happens if the At-Fault Driver is Lying to the Insurance Company?

New Jersey is a no-fault state where you file a claim for your injuries through your own policy no matter who is responsible for the crash. However, it is still important to establish who caused the accident to avoid higher premiums in the future and… Read More

Can a Witness be Forced to Testify in My Personal Injury Case?

Testimony from an eyewitness to an accident can sometimes make or break an injury case. But what happens when your star witness does not want to testify on your behalf in court? Our personal injury attorneys in New Jersey are prepared to discuss your… Read More

Do You Know What is Covered in Your Auto Insurance Policy?

New Jersey requires every driver to carry motor vehicle insurance in case of an accident. To comply with the law, motorists purchase a policy advised by a licensed agent who they hope will help save them money. But not many people take a good look at… Read More

What Injury Victims Should Know About Maximum Medical Improvement

Victims of serious accidents may never fully recover from injuries sustained in the crash. Instead, the injury victim may reach a certain point in his or her recovery when no amount of additional medical treatment is likely to improve his or her condition.… Read More

How Refusing Medical Treatment May Affect Your Injury Claim

Insurance companies are always looking for any excuse to deny or devalue a claim for compensation. If you were injured after an accident and refused medical treatment, this may give the insurance company the reason they are looking for to devalue your… Read More

Who May Be Liable for an Accident Involving a Rental Car?

November kicks off the travel season for many people visiting their loved ones. This means vehicle rentals increase, as do the chances of being involved in an accident involving a rental car. If you got into a crash with a rental car, or while driving… Read More

How a Traffic Ticket May Affect Your Accident Claim

A traffic ticket may help or hurt your claim depending on several factors, including which driver is issued the citation. If you were injured in an accident and need help filing a claim, our car accident lawyers in New Jersey are prepared to help you… Read More

Does PIP Cover My Injuries if I was a Passenger or Not in a Vehicle?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance covers medical bills and some other damages after an accident, regardless of who is at fault for the crash. One of the additional benefits of this coverage is it applies even if you are not in your vehicle. For… Read More

Can I Recover Compensation if I Get Injured in a Brake-Checking Accident?

The amount of traffic on New Jersey roads can frustrate even the most patient of people. Some drivers get angrier than others and fall victim to road rage, which can cause dangerous crashes that result in serious injuries. Drivers experiencing bouts… Read More

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