What Evidence May Help Prove Lost Income in an Injury Case?

If you were injured in an accident and you are unable to work, you may be able to recover compensation for your lost wages. If your injuries were severe enough to leave you permanently unable to work at all, you may also be able to pursue compensation… Read More

Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Personal Injury Cases

Unfortunately, injury victims often dismiss the idea of pursuing compensation for their damages because they think they will need to go to court and testify before a jury. While there are personal injury cases that end up going to trial, most do not.… Read More

How Does Attorney-Client Privilege Work in a Personal Injury Case?

Hiring an attorney to represent you during an injury claim has many benefits. Research has shown hiring an attorney may improve your chances of recovering maximum compensation for your damages. Another benefit is attorney-client privilege. Most communication… Read More

What Are my Options if the Insurance Fails to Investigate my Claim?

After an accident in New Jersey, injury victims typically file a claim through their own insurance to obtain compensation for their medical bills and other damages. Before paying out a claim, however, the insurance companies generally investigate the… Read More

Lynch Law Firm Billboard Essential in Rescue of Missing Teen Girl from Staten Island

A teenage girl from Staten Island who had been missing since April was reunited with family after a picture she took was posted to social media and caught the attention of authorities. According to CBS2, the picture of the evening sky with a Lynch Law… Read More

Can I Still File a Car Accident Claim if the Airbags Never Deployed?

If you were involved in an accident in which the airbags did not deploy, the insurance company may lead you to believe you did not suffer any serious injuries and your claim is not worth very much. However, there are several reasons why the airbags in… Read More

Who May Be Liable for a Stolen Vehicle Accident in New Jersey?

If you were injured in an accident caused by the driver of a stolen vehicle, you may be able to hold the owner liable along with filing a claim against the no-fault coverage in your own insurance. New Jersey state law specifies when a vehicle owner may… Read More

What are My Rights as a Car Insurance Policyholder in New Jersey?

The rights of car insurance policyholders in states like New Jersey are especially important due to the state’s no-fault laws. This is because crash victims must first file their injury claims with their own insurance companies instead of through an at-fault… Read More

Filing a Car Accident Claim with an Expired Tag in New Jersey

If you were injured in an accident in New Jersey, but your license plate was expired at the time of the crash, you may be wondering how to go about filing a claim. The insurance company may try to lead you to believe that you are not eligible for compensation,… Read More

How a Missing Police Report May Hurt Your Injury Claim

After some minor accidents, drivers may prefer not to wait for the police to arrive to file a report. They may just exchange information with the other driver. Unfortunately, opting to not get the police involved may affect your chances of recovering… Read More

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