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What to Expect During the Discovery Process of a Car Crash Lawsuit

When you file a lawsuit to recover compensation after an accident, discovery is one of the most important first steps... Read More

Can I Use Dashboard Camera Footage as Evidence to Prove Fault in a Crash?

Sometimes proving who caused an accident is difficult. Cases with questionable liability often require a more thorough investigation and more... Read More

Who May Be Liable if an Out-of-Control Car Causes a Crash?

A driver who loses control of his or her vehicle may be liable for damages in most cases. However, the... Read More

Who May Be Liable if a Vehicle Crashes Into a Building?

According to a 2022 report, about 100 drivers slam their vehicles into buildings each day in the U.S. This number... Read More

What Are Some Common Types of Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers?

According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1,459 people died in an alcohol-related crash... Read More

How Can I Prove a Driver Was Using a Cellphone Before a Crash?

At least seven percent of people admit to using a cellphone, including to text or make phone calls, while driving.... Read More

Why Credibility is So Important in an Accident Case

The credibility of a person involved in an accident case can have a great impact on whether the injured victim... Read More

Claims for Accidents Caused by Out-of-State Drivers in New Jersey

Plenty of drivers commute between Pennsylvania and New Jersey daily. Some also frequently travel from New York. Then there are... Read More

Where Should I Go for Medical Care After a Car Crash?

Car accidents may cause minor to life-threatening injuries, but in the aftermath of a collision, it can be difficult for... Read More

Evidence to Prove a Drowsy Driver Caused a Crash

Most people understand the dangers of distracted or drunk driving. However, many people forget that driving while fatigued or drowsy... Read More

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